Submit a Track

Here you can submit a track to be as an official track in the Official DJ Games.

Produce a track for the DJ WORLD

Track layout

Are you an aspiring music producer?  The Scratch Grand Prix doesn’t use loopers, but custom made tracks specifically crafted for these games and you can make one too.  It’s easy, just download the sample pack and follow the layout instructions, save to the proper format and submit for approval.  If your track is approved, it will become a selectable track in the Scratch Grand Prix.  Be sure to give the track a unique name and include your producer name so that it can be on display every time the track is used.  This is a great way to get feedback on your production and get your name out there!

Here is a brief overview of the required track layout/sequence/arrangement.

Level 1 consists of four 8 bar loops.  (So create a dope 8 bar loop and make it repeat four times).  Level 2 consists of eight 4 bar loops.  (Take your previous 8 bar loop and add a melody element to it.  Then repeat it 8 times).  Level 3 consists of 2 alternating 1 bar loops.  You can take a portion of the 4 bar loop and a portion of your eight bar loop and just alternate them so that you have 4 pairs.  That’s it in a nutshell.  The track should be between 2 and 3 mins long (varies with bpm).  I will add the level markers and intro.  Be sure to give your track a distinct name as this is the way it will be identified during the games.  Also be sure to send a profile pic of yourself, a short bio, and your social media where people will be able to contact you.  Send a email with a link or the actual file to