Scratch Grand Prix


Scratch Grand Prix is the ultimate test of skill for the scratch-centric DJ or turntablist.  Its real-time face to face format forces the player to adjust to his/her opponent’s skill level in an impromptu exchange of beat induced rhythms.  A player can gain a tactical advantage by choosing a track in which they excel, in an effort, to defeat his/her opponent.  With real time scoring, a player will feel the high stakes as they battle to edge out their opponent by putting up more points on the board in every round.  Scratch Grand Prix is more than just a bunch of cuts on Ahhhh and Fresh, but a musical symphony of words, phrases, and sounds that ride the beat highlighting the true skill of the DJ.

Try you hand at the practice Round in the video above.  Don’t use the same samples.

How to Play

Scratch GRAND PRIX is a real-time head to head DJ game that can be played with 2 or 4 people.  Participating DJs or DJ teams choose from a selection of specially designed game ready tracks and take turns scratching over them with a predetermine number of bars/measures allocated to each DJ(s).  DJs are restricted to using the same supplied scratch sentence or scratch record.   The game is broken down in this order: Match, Round, Lap, and Turn.   A Match consists of three Rounds.  A Round consists of 10 Laps.  Each Lap is made up of two Turns.  A Turn is simply when a DJ or DJ team scratches for their allocated bar/measure.  Samples may not be duplicated throughout a Round in a Match; this is called the First Cut First Serve Rule.  If a participating DJ uses the same sample as the competing DJ then they will forfeit that Lap.  Also, DJs must not scratch during the competing DJ’s Turn.  This includes long fades coming off of your Turn as well as cueing samples or bumped crossfaders.  If this occurs the offending DJ with forfeit that Lap.

Each Match begins with a coin toss to determine which DJ will select the track for that Round and have the first Turn in a Lap.  Once the Round begins the DJ who won the coin toss is free to begin scratching on any sample or set of samples during their first Turn.  After both DJs or DJ teams have completed a Lap the judges will determine who won that Lap on their score card (will award that DJ or DJ team a point).  This process will continue for 10 Laps for single DJs and 8 Laps for DJ teams (Doubles).

All sanctioned tracks are made up of three Levels that are denoted by audio markers throughout the track.  The Level indicates the number of bars/measures each DJ or DJ team has per Turn.  Level One has allotted each DJ 8 bars/measures per Turn.  Level Two has allotted each DJ 4 bars/measures per Turn.  Level Three has allotted each DJ 1 bar/measure per turn.  Level three, during teams Match (Doubles), allots 2 bars/measures per Turn.