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The DJ NEWS for 9-10-17

Well last night we had an interesting show.  First we had the return of my quick scratch intro done in a down and dirty fashion due to time constraints.  Hopefully it will be more polished in the future.   Also, piggy backing off of a previous show’s interview with DJ Jaycee, we gave a little peek […]

The DJ NEWS 8-27-17 – DJ JAYCEE

Good day folks.  On our last show I had the opportunity to sit down for a little virtual chat with Atlanta’s own DJ JAYCEE where he gave us some insight on how he came to be and DJ and his experiences at this past Playlist Retreat.  Give it a listen a great amount of information.

DJ Logic vs DJ Spoon

Here’s another match up from our recent Scratch Grand Prix event this past July. Although, DJ Logic doesn’t win the ROUND I believe that he’s going to be a future force to be reckoned with. DJ Spoon will not be able to keep on winning these ROUNDS if he does not switch up his patterns […]

Check out this Scratch Grand Prix Match Yogi vs DJ Frankie D

If you missed this amazing event here’s your chance to see the carnage. This is actually one of the later matches of the day. Big shouts out to Yogi and DJ Frankie D for putting it down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked question about The Official DJ Games

What is Scratch Grand Prix?

Scratch Grand Prix is The Official DJ Games premiere DJ competition focused specifically on scratching. It pits two or four DJs in an approximately 3 min Q&A duel to see which one is more skilled.

Can I use any music?

Scratch Grand Prix participants are required to use tracks specifically designed for the competition. All competing DJ must use the same scratch sentence. All of the required tracks and sentences are available for download prior to a competition.

What would I need to bring to an event to compete?

All competing DJs would need to bring their needles, slipmats, headphones, and laptop,

Can I use any sample in the scratch sentence?

During a match, if the First Cut First Serve rule is in play, then you will not be able to use any of the samples that your opponent has used. All competing DJs are only allowed to use The Official DJ Games scratch sentence.

How do I signup to compete?

Once an event has been announced you can sign up by registering online.

Will there be games for beat juggling and mixing?

Yes, there is a game for beat jugglers and one for mixing (all three skills are represented in the logo). We want to roll out the one for scratching first though.

Does it cost to compete?

Yes, there will be an entry fee as well as a door entry fee for spectators, but free to watch online.

Is their an online only competition?

No, currently there is not an online only version for the Scratch Grand Prix

Who is eligible to compete?

The Official DJ Games are open to any one 16 and up and we encourage the participation of young DJs.

What is the format for the Scratch Grand Prix?

The Scratch Grand Prix is run tournament style, double elimination with a winners and losers bracket, all coming together to crown a grand champion.